Here’s My Story

Alyssa Parker

My name is Alyssa Parker, and for the longest time, I didn’t know what I really needed to stimulate my dog’s mental and physical activity.

It’s important, but the toys I was buying for them just didn’t cut it.

I wanted them to be active and healthy, and instead, they became a bit portly (because they always hung around their food dish).

That’s when I learned about snuffle mats, and it’s been an entirely life-changing experience.

I have two golden retrievers and one very opinionated Yorkshire terrier, all of whom began to have weight problems.

I was buying the right food, I was trying not to overfeed them, but apparently I wasn’t doing enough.

Snuffle mats. Let me tell you, they actually entice your dog to use their natural hunting instincts (which all dogs have), force a bit more activity before they actually get their treats, and provide them with some comfort in the process.

This site is all about the benefits that snuffle mats offer, both physically and mentally, and I’m sure I’ll throw in some related content from time to time to keep things fresh.

Thank you for stopping by; now check out why snuffle mats are going to be your dog’s new favorite thing!